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Monday, March 8, 2010

Keeping track of e-mail travel offers

My personal e-mail inbox is full of e-mails from inns, convention and visitors bureaus, newspaper travel sections, attractions and the like. Many of these messages remain unread for weeks, if not months, at a time.

Why do I have all these, you might wonder. I sometimes wonder the same thing. I was just looking at a message that's only a week old from a bed-and-breakfast in Eureka Springs, Ark., that I've never stayed at. I'm on its mailing list because I bought gift certificates from this inn a couple years ago to give as a Christmas present.

I could get rid of messages like this by clicking "unsubscribe." I choose to continue receiving these, however, on the off chance I might one day revisit these places.

Through e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and newsletters many hotels and attractions offer promotions to subscribers. They also announce unique events and opportunities that I would never know about otherwise if I just kept a list of inns to consider for future visits.

Is this efficient? I doubt it, really, especially considering I receive so many of these newsletters and the items they're writing about are never applicable to me at the moment. But, if one of these days I decide to plan a trip to Eureka Springs, I will at least know what this one inn has going on.

Maybe you have a better idea of how to keep track of e-mail offers. I'd love to hear them.

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